Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose
Student should always be focused towards his future career. Future is the path learnt from past and started from present. So to make my future bright and satisfactory, I should take correct decision regarding my career.
I had completed my school leaving certificate (year 10) from Shree mangala higher secondary school with 75.13% in the year 2013 and then I came to Kathmandu for my higher studies in Science. Finally I completed my plus 2 (year 12) from Trinity international college with 64.30% in the year 2015. I choose biology group with additional maths in my higher education so that none of the field in bachelor will be closed for me. Besides, my academics, I always had a keen interest in social works and extra curricular activities. Recently I have take part in helping victims of earthquake in villages of my country. Moreover, I have also participated in many football, volleyball tournaments and other competition like maths race, running race, etc. I have always focused in developing my personal skills along with my education as I believe both of them are necessary in attain a successful life.
As I am a student of science background, I was interested to study Information Technology (IT). On top of that, to achieve quality education and establish myself as an IT engineer, I have decided to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. So after plus 2 , I have applied for Bachelor of Information Technology in Nepal but I couldn’t succeed because of the limited number of seats. Then I thought of abroad study and for that I started preparation of IELTS . Due to scarcity of IELTS test dates in Nepal, I got my date register after the long period of time from one of the educational agent of Nepal for April 16 of 2016. After having satisfied score in IELTS, I started searching for colleges and university in Australia. Then I visited many educational agent to get idea about Australian education degree and student visa processes. I started attending many seminars surf/internet to get information about Australian education and Advance Diploma of IT. Finally I got convinced to study in Australia as its an educational hub for international student.
Australia is currently the most popular destination for international student in English- speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Australian education system offers a wide range of courses and degree and a strong global reputation for internationally respected qualification with high quality research and teaching technology, which means it provides a solid return of your educational investment. It is leading global education powerhouse with some of the world’s best facilities and education offers 22,000 different courses from 1,100 of institution. Australia has covered with at least one Australian university in the top 50 worldwide across the study area of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Life and Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy and Physics. Australia is the fourth happiest country in the world; it has 5 of the 30 best cities in the world for students based on the student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity. We can find multinational students to learn different culture, life standard and living standard of world. Successful graduates from Australian institutes are working at the highest level in government and business all around the world.
On the other hand I had to choose the college or university to study my Advance Diploma degree.. Then I started searching the Australian colleges of Advance Diploma of Information Technology through internet and education agent. The degree in university or college will be given equal priority because all institution and a course that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institution and Course for Overseas (CRICOS). Knowing this, I decided to apply in the college because it is affordable in compare to universities. As my wish is to study in Sydney and found Academies Australasia Institute (AAI) located in Sydney is best for me because my percentage and academic qualification meet the college requirement. The college is located very close to Central Station, which is a major stops for Sydney buses and trains. AAI is a leading education provider that offers a wide range of services through 18 separately licensed colleges operating in New South Wales (Sydney and Dubbo), Victoria (Melbourne), Queensland (Brisbane and Gold Coast), South Australia (Adelaide) and Western Australia (Perth) in Australia and in Singapore. AAI have been developed specially to provide students with a challenging and rewarding experience in a great learning environment. AAI have also taught tens of thousands of students from 122 countries. AAI also include extensive academic and social support services to assists their student succeed. AAI have built their reputation on producing exceptional graduates. The most important thing which AAI impress me was that their graduates are highly sought- after by industries both in Australia and around the world.
With the desire subject of networking, I found Advance Diploma of IT will lead to get success in my field. Today’s world or society is changing very fast with the help of networking technology.The primary objectives of Advance Diploma of IT program is to give a legal recognition to any transaction which is done by electronic way or use of internet. Everyday new technologies were developed to simplify every days work, but there is resistance to accept those new technologies among people. Moreover new technologies are invented to reduce the work load as well as significantly improve the patient safety, patient satisfaction in health care system and also improve the hospitality efficiency.Usually technical studies have always been the subject of my interest. As a child I always had fascinated of doing something great in the field of networking. I learnt many computer based skills and general networking skills with the help of different trending websites like Google, You Tube, etc. Later on I came to know that there is a vast knowledge yet needed to discover to proficient in the field of studies. So this course is primarily most beneficial in unlocking the sills required for getting an appropriate knowledge which will definitely help me in pursuing a great career in the field of networking business.
The main objective of the program is to integrate the concept of management with information system and Information Technology. This program prepares student for professional careers in information system involving people, organization, computer and networks. Besides, the program helps student learn how to use and manage information technologies to revitalize business process, conduct electronic commerce,improve business decision making, and gain competitive advantage in today’s global market as well- educated independent managers of people and resource area of their special professional interest. So, achieving degree in  IT will help me to establish a successful career in this field with good package of salary after completion. On the other hand, in Nepal huge amount of money is being expensed to foreign countries for buying networking software. In this great matter of concern, this study course will make me eligible in developing necessary software which will help me in deducting the money being drained out to abroad and will help me in benefiting the country economically..I am convinced that I have found the right path to set my feet on, in the journey of my life. I am eager to tread this path with all zeal and enthusiasm I can summon up that take me to grow world of information system in my country where there is dreadful need to do for more than what little is being done, to develop my potential further and to live my full potential and to do a lot more than I am capable of doing now.
My first focus will be completing my advance diploma within the intended 2years of time. After completing my bachelor degree I will try to gain industrial experience and I’d like to come back to my home country . I will like to pursue my career in the field of technology working in a scientific and technical fields, information media and telecommunication fields, education and training sectors, or in telecoms like NTC, NCELL etc. I am pretty much I will definitely get the jobs with Australian bachelor degree and international work experience gain from Australia.
Whereas, my home country also offers the similar course provided by AAI but I choose Australia rather than Nepal because if we study in home country we can’t get internationally recognized degree and multinational students, low chances to get jobs in multinational companies. And on the other hand, In Nepal priority is given to theoretical based education rather than practical. But I am the student of technical line and I need more practical based education than theoretical which I can’t get in Nepal.
In a nutshell, it would be a greatest achievement of my life if AAI provides me an opportunity to experience its unique and standard education to pursue a globally recognized bachelor’s degree.
Thank you
Sincerely yours